Understanding Private Hospital Charges in Singapore: A Patient’s Guide

hospital bill

Navigating private hospital charges can be complex and overwhelming for patients. This guide aims to provide clarity and insight into the various factors that contribute to hospital bills, helping patients make informed decisions about their healthcare expenses.

What are MOH Benchmark Fees?

MOH’s benchmark fees for private healthcare serve to make charges more transparent. These fees are recommendations for surgical procedures and hospital fees, aiming to manage rising healthcare costs. Private doctors and institutions are encouraged to adhere to these recommended charges. You can view these benchmark charges and fees here.


What’s Included in Your Hospital Bill?

Billed by Doctors:

  • Surgeon fees
  • Anaesthetic fees
  • Doctor’s inpatient attendance fees


Billed by Hospital:

  • Room charges
  • Surgical facilities and equipment
  • Implants
  • Consumables
  • Investigations
  • General nursing services and treatments
  • Medication


How Patients Can Use This Information

Patients can utilise the MOH benchmark fees to compare costs across different medical providers and institutions. By being informed about these fees, patients can make more educated decisions about their healthcare expenses.


Provider Responsibilities

Medical providers should quote patients in line with the relevant fee benchmarks. If a quote exceeds these benchmarks, providers are required to provide justification for the higher charges.


Addressing Disputes

In cases of disputes, particularly regarding clinical-related claims with insurers or healthcare providers, patients can file complaints through the Clinical Claims Resolution Process. This process ensures fair resolution and transparency in billing practices.